CiCloud is a cutting-edge, multi-tenanted public cloud solution that ensures the utmost security. Hosted in the Ark Data Centre and Newport Data Centre in Wales, CiCloud is an advanced public cloud solution built on the foundation of HPE GreenLake.

With a 40-year heritage of delivering successful transformational IT solutions to the public and private sectors, Centerprise International provides a differentiated cloud solution with all the expected benefits of the cloud and none of the drawbacks.

Our Open-Standard System Architecture allows you to offboard your workloads as easily as you onboard them. CiCloud offers you a flexible cloud solution with all the robustness, visibility, and management capabilities you need today and tomorrow.

CiCloud in numbers

30% CAPEX savings

40% IT resource savings

75% faster time to market

Benefits of CiCloud


CiCloud provides simplicity and ease of use, allowing you to see all your infrastructure in one view and provision resources using familiar tools.


Get guaranteed premium performance and service levels with complete pricing transparency that is significantly lower than that of hyperscalers.


CiCloud solutions and services are delivered from a UK government-approved data centre, ensuring data sovereignty is retained.


CiCloud is direct air-cooled and has a world-leading PUE of just over 1, making it up to 33% more energy efficient than the industry average.


Why Centerprise?

Technologically savvy

Our experts have a strong understanding of digital tools, platforms, and technologies. They stay up to date with the latest advancements and trends in the digital landscape, enabling them to leverage technology to enhance productivity, collaboration, and communication effectively.

Change management skills

Our experts can navigate and manage change effectively. They can communicate the benefits, address resistance, and guide employees and stakeholders through the transition process.

Employee engagement champions

Our experts recognise the significance of employee engagement for productivity and overall success. They prioritise creating an engaging work environment by promoting autonomy, empowerment, and opportunities for growth and development.

Strategic thinkers

Our experts think strategically about aligning work practices and technologies with organisational goals. They analyse the needs and challenges of your organisation and develop comprehensive strategies to optimise processes, improve efficiency, and drive business outcomes.

Collaboration facilitators

Our experts in this field excel at fostering effective collaboration among team members. They understand the importance of creating a collaborative culture, implementing appropriate tools, and facilitating communication and teamwork.

Data-driven decision makers

Our experts rely on data and analytics to drive decision-making processes. They have a strong analytical mindset and utilise data insights to measure performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions that optimise your IT environment.