CiCloud on HPE

Cloud is increasingly a route to greater operational efficiency, new levels of infrastructure agility, and predictable, consumption-based commercials. All too often, the hyperscalers do not deliver on the full promise of cloud – leaving some of the benefits out of reach. Hidden fees and fixed provisioning bundles create costly inefficiencies, while strict migration requirements and proprietary tools cause unwanted complexity. Couple this with uncertainty around the location of your data, as well as the make-up of underlying infrastructure, and the experience may fall short of your expectations.

To enable your business operations and support long-term growth, we believe you need a cloud and cloud partner that successfully delivers:


Forms a partnership with you to
drive your business growth


Matches your business needs and allows you to create specific cloud offerings to
drive and accelerate your business


Enables you to consume IT as you need, in the way you need - either self-service or fully managed – with services provisioned in minutes.

Takecontrol of your Cloud

Unlocking the true value of public cloud demands a new approach.
CiCloud on HPE is a transparent public cloud that ensures you know exactly where your data lives, enjoy the freedom to move it as you please.


Deploy your virtual machines (VMs) your way and scale your environment in line with the exact needs of your workloads. No need to upgrade bundles and pay for resource or capacity you don’t need.


With no ingress fees, a free egress tier, and no hidden charges for IOPS or API calls, there’s no unexpected costs. Our 5-minute billing engine
ensures you are only ever charged for your usage.


Built on world-class HPE technology, our resilient infrastructure has a track record of 100% availability and is familiar to your team.


Our tier 3+ datacentres are UK-based and shielded from outside influence, so you know that your data is secured, in-country, and
under your control - aligning to the needs of your Industry regulations and data residency requirements.


Open standards allow your team to work with the operating system and management tools of their choice, avoiding the need for extensive training and excessive re-architecting pre-migration.


Hosted in a 1.3 PUE-rated datacentre, CiCloud on HPE is the most environmentally conscious location for your apps and data.

5 Reasons to choose CiCloud on HPE


Forms a partnership with you to drive your business growth



Choose the operating system, programming language, web application platform, and database that best suits your application.


By adopting Amazon Web Services, you can significantly reduce your IT costs by only paying for the resources that you use.


You can expand your infrastructure as your business grows and easily add or remove resources to meet your business’s demands.

Cloud Compute 2 (RM6292)

All central government and wider public sector organisations can access cloud computing services. Includes Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and other additional ancillary services.


AWS offers a wide range of security features and compliance certifications to ensure that your data is always safe and secure.