Centerprise Private Cloud - HPE Greenlake United Kingdom 2023
Private Cloud

Centerprise Cloud's private cloud solution is a highly secure and customisable cloud environment designed to meet the unique needs of businesses.

Our private cloud offers a single-tenant architecture, providing dedicated resources that are not shared with other businesses, ensuring maximum security and performance.

With Centerprise Cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of the private cloud while ensuring the highest control over your IT infrastructure.

Benefits of a Private Cloud

High performance

With our Private Cloud solution, you can leverage dedicated resources and infrastructure, ensuring consistent high performance for your applications and workloads. This eliminates the concerns of performance fluctuations that can occur in shared environments.


Our Private Cloud enables you to establish and manage your own private networks, providing an additional layer of network-level isolation and security. This isolation helps safeguard your sensitive data and applications from potential threats or unauthorised access.

Seamless transition

When utilising Private Cloud, you can continue using the same WebApp and API as on CiCloud, ensuring a seamless transition and compatibility for your existing applications and services. This minimises the need for extensive reconfiguration or redevelopment efforts.

Dedicated nodes

Centerprise Private Cloud allows rapid provisioning of dedicated nodes and volumes, enabling flexible resource scaling. It empowers businesses to swiftly adapt to changing needs, free from traditional hardware constraints.

Secure connections

Secure connections are paramount in our solution. You can establish them easily by utilising VPN to connect with your on-premises infrastructure or data centre deployments, ensuring data privacy and protection throughout the network.


Our Private Cloud is designed to provide high availability, ensuring that your applications and services remain accessible even in the event of hardware or network failures. This minimises downtime and helps maintain business continuity.

Predictable billing

Our solution comes with a simple and predictable billing model, allowing you to forecast and manage your costs accurately. This transparency helps you optimise resource allocation and budget, enabling better financial planning for your organisation.


What does Centerprise Private Cloud solution offer?

Dedicated compute hosts

Centerprise Private Cloud solution allows you to harness all the CPU power available on your dedicated compute hosts. This ensures maximum performance and efficiency for your applications and workloads.

No modification

Our Private Cloud enables you to run any x86 operating system or application within your VPC without modification. This provides seamless compatibility, allowing you to effortlessly migrate your existing systems and applications to the private cloud.

Private and secure

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is crucial for many organisations. With our Private Cloud, you can establish a dedicated environment that meets all the necessary legal obligations, ensuring the privacy and security of your data and applications.

Enhanced security

The VPCs our Private Cloud provide are physically isolated from other cloud users. This isolation adds an extra layer of security, protecting your sensitive data and applications from potential threats or unauthorised access.

Skills and expertise

Managing a multi-cloud environment requires specific skills and expertise. Centerprise will ensure the customer has the necessary talent in-house or will offer a managed service to manage the environment.

Dedicated capacities

With the Centerprise Private Cloud solution, you have exclusive access to the dedicated capacities within the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This means you can fully utilise the resources allocated to your organisation, improving overall productivity.

Hassle-free deployment

Setting up your private cloud environment is a breeze with Centerprise. The intuitive interface and streamlined processes enable you to create a VPC environment quickly, saving time and resources while ensuring a hassle-free deployment.

Availability and reliability

Centerprise Private Cloud guarantees highly available resources, minimising downtime and ensuring continuous access to your applications and services. This reliability enhances business continuity and enables uninterrupted operations.


Centerprise Private Cloud is backed by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees 100% uptime and connectivity, ensuring that your private cloud environment is always accessible, delivering optimal performance and user experience.

Management tools

Using the right management tools is crucial for managing and optimising a multi-cloud environment. Centerprise will maintain tools to provide a single, unified view of all resources and services, regardless of the CSP.