Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Ensuring you have an airtight disaster recovery plan for your technology environment is key in protecting your critical assets and, ultimately, maintaining productivity in the event of an emergency or data loss.

But when your IT team is busy on the urgent matters of the day, it can be challenging to think longer term and get such a plan in place – especially when imagining worst-case scenarios.

Our flagship platform, CiCloud, offers industry-leading disaster recovery, leveraging the latest cloud technologies for the ultimate scalability and flexibility. With transparent billing and no upfront licensing fees, DRaaS is an affordable, end-to-end solution that offers unbeatable protection.

Benefits of DRaaS


Harnessing Veeam Cloud Connect Replication, CiCloud DRaaS provides a straightforward and efficient method for recovering data in case of a disaster.


Our DRaaS offers an easy setup and maintenance of a secure multi-tenant environment, ensuring that data is isolated and protected for each individual client or organisation.

Swift and flexible

CiCloud DRaaS enables fast and flexible failover options, allowing for the quick recovery of specific VMs or an entire infrastructure, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption.


With our DRaaS, the failback process is streamlined, ensuring zero data loss and minimal disruption to users when transitioning back to the primary infrastructure.

Recovery testing

Our DRaaS provides support for replica and failover testing, enabling organisations to validate their disaster recovery plans and ensuring the ability to recover critical systems and data when needed.

Standby VMs

CiCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service makes it easy to host standby virtual machines, providing a ready-to-use environment for immediate failover in the event of a disaster.

Alternate sites

With CiCloud DRaaS, organisations have the flexibility to alternate between production sites, ensuring continuity of operations even during planned maintenance or unexpected disruptions.

Cost savings

Implementing our DRaaS can reduce costs by eliminating the need to invest in on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure. Also, DRaaS offers predictable billing models, making it easier to budget.


What does CiCloud DRaaS offer?

Simple roll-out

Installed in minutes by deploying an agent on any physical or virtual server that your DR process should cover.

Flexible and scalable

Our DRaaS is application independent and uses Linux KVM natively to provide the ultimate flexibility and scalability. It can also be customised with other popular solutions such as VirtualBox, HyperV and VMWare.

Unbeatable reliability

CiCloud provides incremental sync or RPO as low as 15 minutes and RTO of less than 2 minutes to bring up a failed server, enabling you to get back up and running quickly in the event of a disaster or outage.

High performance

Built on agile and elastic architecture with reliability built in and utilising rapid, repeatable, and bespoke provisioning to deliver industry-leading performance.

Seamless recovery

Utilises the latest cloud technology with integrated methods to seamlessly sync back data changes to your primary environment after an actual disaster or outage.

Certified and compliant

Accredited and secure hosting facility compliant with all major industry standards, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, Trusted Cloud and fully GDPR compliant.

Guaranteed UK data residency

CiCloud DRaaS offers the flexibility of a multi-tenanted public cloud and dedicated resources for a virtual private cloud - all out of our secure UK data centre.

Green credentials

Located in the Ark Data Centre and Newport Data Centre in Wales, CiCloud is direct air-cooled and has a world-leading PUE of just over 1, making it up to 33% more energy efficient than the industry average.

Cloud without limits

With no set sizing limitations, unlike other cloud platforms, our DRaaS allows you to quickly provision the backup strategy that is right for your business.

Premium support

24x7x365 online support from certified and knowledgeable engineers, underpinned by guaranteed SLAs.