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Step 1:

Choose Your Commitment:

Start by selecting your preferred contract duration.

Enjoy the flexibility of pay-as-you-go for dynamic workloads or secure cost savings with 1 or 3-year commitments.

You can even leverage burst pricing in 5-minute intervals for ultimate adaptability.

Step 2:

Pick Your Windows Servers:

Select from a diverse range of Microsoft distributions, including Windows Server, MS SQL Server, and more.

Tailor your server selection to perfectly match your application requirements and desired performance.

Step 3:

Define Your Resources:

Fine-tune your cloud environment by specifying the ideal combination of CPU, RAM, and storage.

Utilise our high-performance cloud stack powered by HPE's latest generation hardware and 10GigE infrastructure for exceptional speed and reliability.

Step 4:

Configure Additional Options:

Add static IPs, VLANs, and select your desired outbound bandwidth.

Enjoy 1 TB of outbound data included in the free tier*, with unlimited inbound data free of charge.

Step 1 - Select your contract duration

Choose your contract duration. Flex between long-term commitment for known workloads and burst price in 5-minute intervals.

Step 2 - Select the number of Windows Servers

Choose from Microsoft distributions including Windows Server, MS SQL Server Standard, Web and Enterprise and Microsoft RDS.

Number of Windows Servers: 0

Step 3 - Select your resources required

Choose the combination of CPU, RAM and storage you need. Highest performance cloud stack powered by HPE’s latest generation hardware running on 10GigE infrastructure.

Number of Number of vCPU @ 2.4GHz: 2


Number of RAM in Gb: 4

SSD Disk Storage in GB

Number of SSD Disk Storage in Gb: 4

Step 4

Choose Static IPs and VLANs. Choose outbound bandwidth. 1 TB of outbound data included in the Free Tier*. Inbound data free and unlimited.

Number of Static IP addresses: 0

Number of VLANS: 0

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