Centerprise Hybrid Cloud - HPE Greenlake United Kingdom-2023
Hybrid Cloud

Centerprise Cloud's hybrid cloud solution is designed to provide businesses with a flexible and scalable cloud environment that combines the benefits of both private and public cloud solutions.

Our solution allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their existing on-premises infrastructure with the cloud, providing a high degree of flexibility and customisation.

With Centerprise Cloud's hybrid model, you have all the benefits of a big public cloud with the same degree of control as your on-premises systems.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Quick backups

Centerprise Hybrid Cloud solution offers the ability to efficiently backup and restore data or entire systems in a matter of minutes. This ensures data resilience and minimises downtime, enabling quick recovery in case of data loss or system failures.

Test recovery

Our Hybrid Cloud environment allows you to test recovery processes and procedures without impacting your live production services. This will enable you to validate your disaster recovery strategies and ensure seamless business continuity.

Sandbox testing

Our Hybrid Cloud solution provides a local Sandbox testing environment accessible through an appliance. This allows for secure testing, development, and experimentation with applications and workloads while keeping data within your private infrastructure.

Expert assistance

Our offerings come with comprehensive management services, ensuring that you have expert assistance when needed. This includes maintenance, monitoring, optimising, and troubleshooting your infrastructure, alleviating the burden on your IT staff.

Easy adoption

Hybrid Cloud solutions typically operate on an Opex model, allowing customers to consume the services as a pay-as-you-go model. This eliminates the need for large upfront capital investments and provides cost flexibility based on actual usage.


Hybrid Cloud architectures offer the flexibility to cater to specific requirements. You can seamlessly scale your resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.


Our solutions offer flexible deployment options, including public cloud, hybrid cloud, or dedicated infrastructure. This empowers businesses to choose the best fit based on their specific needs, and compliance requirement.


Our Hybrid Cloud environments prioritise security with advanced ransomware detection mechanisms, safeguarding against breaches, malware, and cyber threats to preserve data integrity and confidentiality.


What does Centerprise Hybrid Cloud offer?

UK-based cloud platform

Centerprise Hybrid Cloud ensures automatic and secure backup of your data to a UK-based cloud platform. This guarantees data protection and compliance with regional data residency requirements, providing peace of mind for your business.

Web Portal access

Our Hybrid Cloud provides a user-friendly web portal that allows you to monitor backup activities and initiate data restores effortlessly. This self-service capability puts you in control of your data and enables quick recovery when needed.


Centerprise Hybrid Cloud incorporates high levels of data compression, significantly reducing network bandwidth requirements. This optimises data transfer and storage efficiency, saving costs and enhancing overall performance.

Image-based backup

Centerprise Hybrid Cloud solution enables image-based backups to the .vmdk format, allowing fast recovery and portability. This means quickly restoring your systems to a previous state, simplifying disaster recovery processes and enhancing system availability.

Bare metal recovery

In the event of a system failure, Centerprise Hybrid Cloud enables bare metal recovery to dissimilar hardware. This means you can restore your entire system, including the operating system and applications, to different hardware configurations, ensuring business continuity.

Fully managed

With the Centerprise Hybrid Cloud solution, you can rely on a fully managed service that includes summary email reporting and screenshot boot verification.

Advanced security

Security is a top priority in Centerprise Hybrid Cloud. The solution employs advanced 256-bit encryption at the source, ensuring your data remains confidential and protected in transit and at rest.

Compatibility and flexibility

Our Hybrid Cloud solution offers broad support for different operating systems, including Wintel, Linux, and Mac. Whether your systems are physical or virtual, the solution caters to various environments, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

Granular recovery

Centerprise Hybrid Cloud provides application-level backup support, allowing you to protect critical applications and enabling granular recovery options. This ensures you can recover specific components or data within applications, reducing downtime and minimising data loss.

RPO of 1 hour, RTO within 1 hour

Centerprise Hybrid Cloud guarantees a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 1 hour, ensuring that your data is backed up with minimal time gaps. Additionally, the solution offers a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) within 1 hour, allowing for quick recovery and minimising productivity loss.