Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Managing your own IT infrastructure can be time-consuming, expensive, and complex, hindering your ability to focus on core business goals.​

Are you constantly battling outdated hardware, inefficient resource allocation, and unexpected IT costs? Is managing your infrastructure taking away from strategic initiatives and innovation?​

CiCloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), powered by HPE GreenLake, offers a modern, secure, and reliable solution. Transform your IT with on-demand resources, predictable monthly costs, and expert management - all without the burden of infrastructure maintenance.​

Focus on your business, not your IT. With CiCloud, you have complete control and transparency over your spending thanks to five-minute billing. Get the resources you need when you need them, and maximise your IT investment.

Benefits of IaaS

Flexible VM sizing

Our IaaS provides the advantage of no set VM sizing, allowing users to allocate resources according to their specific needs. Additionally, users have the freedom to choose their preferred hypervisor, ensuring compatibility with their existing infrastructure.

Public or private cloud

CiCloud IaaS supports both public and virtual private cloud environments, providing users with the flexibility to select the appropriate cloud model based on their requirements for security, performance, and compliance.

Own your cloud,
your way

In CiCloud IaaS, customise everything with familiar tools, seamlessly managing your unique security and control needs. Provisioning is a breeze, saving time and training. Cloud done your way, effortlessly

Easy billing

Our IaaS delivers simplified, transparent, and predictable billing, ensuring users have clear visibility into their resource usage and associated costs. This helps organisations effectively manage their cloud expenses and budgeting.

Open Standards Architecture

Our IaaS is built on an open standards architecture, promoting interoperability and compatibility with various systems and applications. This ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure and reduces the risk of vendor lock-in.

No vendor

CiCloud Infrastructure as a Service offers freedom from vendor lock-in, allowing the easy transition of applications and data to other platforms or providers without encountering compatibility issues or dependencies.

Easy onboarding and off-boarding

CiCloud IaaS simplifies the process of adding or removing applications and data, facilitating seamless migration or retrieval of resources as required, allowing businesses to adapt their infrastructure to changing needs efficiently.


What does CiCloud IaaS offer?

Expert support

24/7 assistance from certified engineers backed by guaranteed service level agreements.

Secure UK data residency

Choose public or private cloud resources within our secure UK data centres.

Comprehensive visibility & control

Gain a unified view of your infrastructure and tailor support to your needs.

Reduced TCO

Proven lower costs compared to leading public cloud providers.

Seamless resource provisioning

Leverage familiar tools for effortless resource deployment.

Industry-leading performance

Experience a reliable, agile architecture built for speed and efficiency.

​ Flexible & scalable solutions

Enjoy simple migration and hybrid environment options with Open-Source support.

Uncompromising security & compliance

Operate within an accredited facility adhering to strict industry standards.

Sustainable green credentials

Utilise our energy-efficient data centres for an eco-friendly approach.

Cloud without limits

Provide the perfect blend of resources to match your specific requirements.