Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Centerprise Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, powered by HPE GreenLake, can help transform your IT systems and remove the burden of running your own infrastructure, leaving you to focus on running your business for a predictable monthly cost.

All resources you create in our environment are charged on a five-minute billing cycle, giving you full control of your spending to maximise your IT investment.

With Centerprise Cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of a modern, secure, and reliable IT infrastructure without the headaches of managing it yourself.

Benefits of IaaS

Flexible VM sizing

Our IaaS provides the advantage of no set VM sizing, allowing users to allocate resources according to their specific needs. Additionally, users have the freedom to choose their preferred hypervisor, ensuring compatibility with their existing infrastructure.

Public or private cloud

Centerprise Cloud IaaS supports both public and virtual private cloud environments, providing users with the flexibility to select the appropriate cloud model based on their requirements for security, performance, and compliance.

Familiar tools

Users can provision resources in Centerprise Cloud IaaS using tools they are already familiar with, eliminating the need for additional training or upskilling. This streamlines the resource provisioning process and enables a smoother transition to the cloud.

Easy billing

Our IaaS delivers simplified, transparent, and predictable billing, ensuring users have clear visibility into their resource usage and associated costs. This helps organisations effectively manage their cloud expenses and budgeting.

Open Standards Architecture

Our IaaS is built on an open standards architecture, promoting interoperability and compatibility with various systems and applications. This ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure and reduces the risk of vendor lock-in.


Users of Centerprise Cloud IaaS have complete control over their environment. They can customise configurations, manage security settings, and implement specific policies to align with their unique business requirements.

No vendor

Centerprise Cloud Infrastructure as a Service offers freedom from vendor lock-in, allowing the easy transition of applications and data to other platforms or providers without encountering compatibility issues or dependencies.

Easy onboarding and off-boarding

Centerprise Cloud IaaS simplifies the process of adding or removing applications and data, facilitating seamless migration or retrieval of resources as required, allowing businesses to adapt their infrastructure to changing needs efficiently.


What does Centerprise Cloud IaaS offer?

Premium support

24x7x365 online support from certified and knowledgeable engineers, underpinned by guaranteed SLAs.

Guaranteed UK data residency

Centerprise Cloud’s IaaS offers the flexibility of both multi-tenanted public cloud and dedicated resources for virtual private cloud - all out of our secure UK data centre.

Visibility and control

See all your infrastructure in one view and tailor the level of support you receive to meet your organisation’s needs.

Lower TCO

Our pricing is proven to be considerably lower than the public cloud hyper-scalers in our target markets.

The tools you know

Built with simplicity in mind, our IaaS enables you to provision resources using the tools you are familiar with - no upskilling is required.

High performance

It is built on agile and elastic architecture with reliability built in and utilising rapid, repeatable, and bespoke provisioning to deliver industry-leading performance.

Flexible and scalable

Easy migration with hypervisor application neutral tools, combines with Open Source KVM or VMWare options to enable you to deploy public or hybrid environments.

Certified and compliant

Accredited and secure hosting facility compliant with all major industry standards, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, Trusted Cloud and fully GDPR complaint.

Green credentials

Located in the Ark Data Centre and Newport in Wales, Centerprise Cloud is direct air-cooled and has a world-leading PUE of just over 1, making it up to 33% more energy efficient than the industry average.

Cloud without limits

With no set VM sizing or limitations, unlike other cloud platforms, Centerprise Cloud’s Iaas allows you to quickly provision the right blend of processing, storage, and networking resources.