By purchasing licenses through Centerprise’s SPLA licensing you understand and agree to the following as well as the licensing terms and conditions outlined by Microsoft and available from within the operating system/product itself:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008-2012
  • All Microsoft Windows Server versions up to 2012 are licensed and charged per core. A minimum of one core per instance (virtual machine) is required. Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 licensing must be purchased in pairs of cores. The minimum number of licensed cores per instance (virtual machine) is eight. Microsoft SQL Server
  • All Microsoft SQL Server licences must be purchased in pairs of cores. The minimum number of licensed cores per instance is four cores. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
  • ALL USERS on the server beyond the original admin (the Centerprise user) require an RDS license. If you have multiple users on any Windows Server you need to purchase RDS licenses to cover them. License Mobility (People bringing their own license, operating system and/or software)

Before bringing your own license, operating system and/or software first you need to make sure that it is eligible to run on Cloud platform, i.e. on a Virtual machine. Centerprise is an Authorised Mobility Partner and as such you should report any operating system and/or software running on the Centerprise’s platform directly to Centerprise by filling the following form: here.

Please be aware that you are liable for any software/operating systems and upgrades installed additionally besides the preinstalled images provided in our library with associated licenses. Failure to declare such licensed software may result in additional fines and legal action.

If there is any contradiction between what the English language version of the Terms says and the Japanese language version says, then the English language version shall take precedence.

Last Updated: 01 July 2021