Centerprise International are proud to have been awarded a five-year contract by The Royal British Legion (RBL) for the provision of their IT infrastructure and support. This marks a significant shift in the approach for RBL.

Moving from a traditional On-Premise solution hosted in their own data centre to a Hybrid Cloud solution including HPE GreenLake infrastructure in an external data centre together with back up and disaster recovery provided from CiCloud. In addition should there be increased demand for either planned or unplanned events CiCloud is available as a burst capability should the need arise.

The Challenges:

Existing solution and RBL requirements for a replacement

The hardware used for hosting RBLs internal systems was either end-of-life, or no longer cost-effective to maintain. This needed to be addressed and at the same time the new infrastructure could be hosted in an external data centre delivering predictability, hands on support and reduced costs. With any new solution RBL wished to remain responsible for any software running such as VMware, operating systems, Applications etc. A specific objective of the new solution was to reduce the number of servers particularly in the RDS farm. This could be achieved with the latest technology and a reduction in RBL users that required access to this workload.

Our Solution:

Our proposal was to deliver an HPE dHCI solution based on a GreenLake consumption model. This benefits RBL in that they are committed to costs for a percentage of this infrastructure but if they were to grow or periodically increase their demand for capacity the infrastructure has the capability to flex up should it be required. The infrastructure is hosted in the Datum data centre which meets the hosting requirements set by RBL. To meet security requirements there is a dedicated network connection into CiCloud hosted in the Ark Data Centre which is used to replicate data for backup and disaster recovery should it be required. CiCloud is always available to RBL for specific workloads or burst capability with the benefit of only paying for it when the need arises and only being charged for what is used.

The Outcome:

Working closely with the RBL and the Account team at HPE and we believe the solution for RBL exceeds their requirements and the team at Centerprise are excited to work alongside them during the five-year contract term to ensure the solution continues to deliver innovation and value for money.

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