The Hidden Battle of Local Authorities in Cloud Adoption

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Welcome to the Clouded Activity video series from Centerprise Cloud. In these videos, our experts explore various aspects of cloud adoption in the public sector, including challenges, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Cloud adoption has been a buzzword in the IT sector for quite some time now. While many corporations have made strides in embracing this technological innovation, local authorities still need help with the adoption process.

Converting reserve capacity into a service model

In this video, our Director of Government, Jon Elliott, highlights the challenges that local authorities may encounter, including budgetary concerns and a lack of trust in cloud providers. After emphasising the importance of converting reserve capacity into a service model, he continues:

“There’s a lack of trust in some of the cloud delivery models, whereby the engineers are not empowered to exploit the cloud’s flexibility and scalability truly. If there’s not enough discipline, then costs can spiral out of control. And those are the incidents we hear about. We don’t often hear about those customers that truly optimise their cloud delivery.”

The complexity of billing in cloud services

Jeremy Nash steered the conversation towards another critical concern. He posited that the obscurity of cloud service billing often leads to losing control over operating costs. Elliot concurred, stating that these models’ risks and complexity are inherent and that not all organisations are prepared to manage them effectively.

Elliot also flagged the issue of data accessibility. If data is stored in a location that incurs costs for access, organisations might find themselves unable to afford to unlock the value of their data when needed. This problem further highlights the need for a comprehensive and forward-looking cloud strategy.

In conclusion, while cloud adoption promises many benefits, the journey has challenges. Local authorities need to consider their budgets, resource capacities, trust in cloud providers, the complexity of the billing process, and data accessibility when planning their cloud strategies.

The conversation between Jon Elliott and Jeremy Nash is a stark reminder that successful cloud adoption involves a combination of strategy, courage, and a willingness to adapt to new models.

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